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When your toilet starts acting up, follow these steps to fix the most common problems. Most toilets have two flappers – one for the tank and one for the bowl – but some models use a single flapper for both tanks.
Before you start, shut off the water at the shutoff valve located under or behind your toilet. Flush the tank until no more water remains in it. Remove any remaining water by scooping it out with a cup or pouring it into a bucket. This will help prevent drops of water from entering your bowl when you remove everything below it so you can access all necessary parts.
Flange Sealer Pliers
1/2″ Flare Side Hex Nipple
This is where things get messy so prepare accordingly. Remove the top of the tank, being careful not to break any parts. If you have a flapper, unhook it from each side of the flush pipe and gently lower it into the tank so it doesn’t fall in.
There are two covers directly under the rim of your toilet bowl – one for the water supply line; another surrounding part that helps keep things in place while still allowing some movement should something go wrong (like damage during shipping). Loosen all bolts or screws holding these pieces in place then remove them carefully. You will find that they provide easy access to your flange, which is what holds your toilet to its floor; this will need to be removed if there’s no other way to fix your problem.
Once the flange has been exposed, check for cracks or holes where waste can leak into. If it’s damaged in any way, you’ll want to replace it; if not, you’re good to go. Clean everything off with a brush and some water so you have a clear view of everything when replacing parts.
Twist on Flapper
Hex Head Gasket/Adapter Nut
Teflon Tape Measure Tape / Level Toilet Wax Ring New Flange Repair Bolt Shims Toilet Seat Screws Toilet Wax Caulk Plunger Wrench Large Channel Lock Towel Grease Pencil Step 1: Remove the old wax seal, using pliers if necessary. Then clean the area where the new seal will go with solvent.
Step 2: Apply a 1/4″ to 3/8″ bead of plumber’s putty around the base of the toilet flange. Carefully place the new wax ring onto the flange, centering it as much as possible. You can also use an old wax ring instead but you will need to coat it with caulk first to make sure everything seals properly. If this is too messy for your tastes, there are special rings available for purchase rather than doing it yourself – you’ll want to follow manufacturer recommendations though due to various types available on the market.
Once everything has been cleaned off and the wax seems secure enough, place something heavy over top then tighten bolts or screws until flush against the floor. Use shims if necessary to adjust the toilet so it’s level and will sit correctly on its base without leaking.
Step 3: Attach the new flapper by hooking it to each side of the flush pipe, directly below where you removed your old one. This is also a good time to attach that plastic chain if your current model uses one; just insert one end into its hole in the tank then follow through until you reach the chain holder under or behind it. Once everything looks set, fill up both tanks with water and test out everything before putting your tank covers back on.
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Toilet Fix Tips

As many people know, toilet rim blockages are a common and frustrating issue that can lead to many messy accidents. Here we describe two different techniques that you can try at home before resorting to expensive plumbers:
1. Toilet Meets Floor: The first way is to simply lift the toilet off the floor and place it back down again in a different location. This method often works when there was not an actual blockage; rather, your floor drain was blocked by some sort of debris (such as sand) and resulted in water accumulating around the base of your toilet bowl. By moving your toilet across the room (preferably with someone who is wearing long-sleeved clothing), you will typically fill up any air pockets between the new floor and your toilet. The likely cause of this problem is that your drain pipe is either damaged or improperly installed (i.e., it does not go all the way to the floor). By moving your toilet, you eliminate any debris in between the pipe and the floor, which could potentially prevent future blockages.
2. Toilet Rim Blockage: Assuming you’ve already tried “method #1″ (and still encounter a blockage), then it’s time to take more drastic measures; specifically, either using a plunger or snaking out the rim with an auger/plunger combination tool. Luckily, most bathrooms have both items readily available to use during an emergency situation! We recommend trying out what we call ” The Two-Step Plunger Technique ” to solve your toilet rim blockage. After you have already tried a regular plunger, grab a cleaning brush from under the sink and use it as a plunger cup to produce additional suction. This technique is very effective when combined with an auger tool. If you don’t have an auger/plunger combination tool available in your house, then try using a hand mirror or flashlight to look down into the backside of the bowl. If you notice any foreign objects (toothpicks, toys, etc…) lodged between your sewer pipes and your toilet drain pipe, manually remove these items before trying to plunge again! Read more about our plumbing services here.

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