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Garbage Disposal Problems


Cedar Park Plumbers will fix your garbage disposal problems

Are you experiencing problems with your garbage disposal? Don’t worry we are here to help. Our expert plumbers will find out the problem and repair or replace your garbage disposal. We offer same-day service, so call us today!

The most common problems with garbage disposals are clogs and smell.

A clog occurs when the food is not able to flow through the piping system smoothly, which can happen for a variety of reasons including fat or grease build-up in pipes. When this happens, your garbage disposal might work intermittently or it may stop working altogether because there’s no more room for water to flow down into the drainpipe from inside the disposal unit.

Poorly maintained disposals can also create unpleasant odors with every use due to bacteria buildup on its blades and as well as waste that leaks out of cracks in internal parts like seals.

Cedar Park Plumbers is here to help you.

Common garbage disposal problems

If your garbage disposal is not working the way it should, you might have a problem with either the blades or an obstruction.

The most common cause of blade clogging is something getting caught in them such as grease from bacon drippings. If this has happened and there are no more spaces for water to drain down into the pipe from inside the unit, then your only course of action will be to replace all four blades because they’re worn out and need replacing before any kind of service can take place. It’s also possible that slurry (a mixture of food waste) may have leaked onto some wires within your disposer which could lead to electrical hazards when operating so we recommend that these parts be replaced by our Cedar Park Plumbers.

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Leaking garbage disposal: what does it mean?

A leaking garbage disposal can be a sign of hidden plumbing problems. The most common problem is that there isn’t enough water in the dishwasher to wash dishes and clean out all food particles from the blades before they enter your pipes. Over time, this will cause other parts of your home’s plumbing system to deteriorate because it needs more water than usual for cleaning purposes. You may also need an adjustment or repair on another part of your sink if you have been experiencing any difficulties with running hot/cold water through either faucet. A leaky garbage disposal could also mean that at some point during its lifetime, someone ran something sharp down into it such as a knife blade or screwdriver which has damaged the rubber ring seal inside causing the garbage disposal to leak.

– The best way to avoid this problem is by using a dishwasher that has a water recycling system and dumping dishes into the sink before you start running it, or by hand washing them in order to knock food particles off of your plates. This will help ensure that there’s enough clean water for both cleaning purposes and waste disposal when it comes time to use the garbage disposal. We have a very good article on our plumbing blog page that covers plumbing issues like this.

The other thing we can do if our garbage disposal breaks down is to replace, either just the rubber ring seal inside with an inexpensive kit or swap out all parts needed such as impellers, springs, and blades depending on what needs replacing from one repair job to another. Sometimes these repairs are covered under warranty so make sure you check! Call Cedar Park Plumbers at (512) 894-6477

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